Juha-Matti Rautiainen creates otherworldly ambient soundscapes live, using only effected bass guitar.

He has been playing bass guitar professionally in various bands and genres in Finland for over 16 years. In 2014 he cut the tip of his right index finger in an accident and his perception of music changed. He started to experiment on new territories with his instrument.

Playing intensely slow and concentrating on the minimalistic movements in music he found his own unique style, that encompasses ambient, experimental and Berlin school of electronic music. His music is sensitive, organic and minimalistic and it focuses on textures and moods mixed with open impressionistic harmonies.

Juha-Matti Rautiainen released his debut album “The Endless Now – Music for Stagnation” in December 2016 and his second album “Above Me Weeps the Sky” will be released in November 2018. He regularly performs his music live in various underground clubs and festivals. His music has been featured in radioshows focusing on ambient and electronic music, such as The Hearts of Space, Star’s End Radio, Avaruusromua and Timo Kaukolampi.

“Slowly built upon a very graceful layer of marvelous creativity, The Endless Now – Music for Stagnation is a deeply virtuous album, thoroughly exhilarated at the rapture of a cosmic journey that begins in the immense boundaries of conscience, expanding from its own panoramic axis. With a sonorous omnipresence that revolves around the universe upon which all the musicality of the album is strictly built, this work reevaluates all the nuances, colors, arrangements and sensibilities that comprehends the universe of ambient music, delightfully making a rereading of all the necessary elements in question.”

– Wagner Hertzog, Merchants of Air 12/12/2016

“…A refreshingly imaginative, ‘mindful’ album.”

– Peter van Cooten, Ambientblog 4/30/2017

“Hämmentävintä on, että Rautiainen on toteuttanut albumin ja näkemyksenä ainoastaan bassokitara raaka-aineenaan. Se osoittaa miehen teknistä ja tietoteknistä taituruutta, lopputulos syvää näkemyksellisyyttä. Ei kiireiselle matkamiehelle.”

– Retrokkiblog 3/2/2017